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Private Chef in

Baptiste Gauthier, chef à domicile à St Barth
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Discover the Passion and Expertise of Our Private Chef

While studying at the Culinary School of Bordeaux, he had the opportunity to start his journey as an intern in a prestigious institution called Chez Dubern. In order to learn new skills and discover other flavors, Baptiste decided to travel around the world. 

He first went to Spain and started to work for the notorious Chef Quique DaCosta while learning molecular cuisine, new technics and ingredients associations. Baptiste decided to travel back to France as he had a new opportunity in Saint-Émilion.

Baptiste worked on the side of Philippe Etchebest in his Michelin stars restaurant, l’Hostellerie de Plaisance before coming to St-Barth. 

He first started working at the Gaiac, The Toiny Hotel restaurant, alongside with Stéphane Mazières, before leaving for Australia. During this period, he discovered the famous Steak House, well-known for the beautiful beef and for the Asian influences. That’s where Baptiste discovered new flavors and the ability to explore different cuisines, and created new and original recipes. 

Through his journey Baptiste discovered a new passion and completed his learning by exploring the pastry side.

After this enriching journey, Baptiste finally decided to settle back in St-Barts, first working for Eden Rock, and then as an independent Private Chef and Caterer, offering today the best of his abilities. 

Meet Our Private Chef in St Barth

Born and raised in the Southwest of France, Chef Baptiste Gauthier grew up amongst oysters, foie gras, porcini mushrooms and Bordeaux wines. He has more than ten years of experience in culinary arts.

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Perspective of the private chef

After several years traveling all around the world in order to get trained by the most popular Chefs, Baptiste wishes to offer and share his knowledge and experience to people coming and living in St-Barth.

Inspired by the French, Asian and Caribbean cuisines, Baptiste knows how to combine flavors and will satisfy you and your guests. 

Thanks to his sense of pleasure and his taste for exotism, Baptiste is a singular Chef, with a great expertise.

You can trust his skills and his talent; inpired and passionate, he exclusively cooks with fresh quality products, and collaborates with many local suppliers.

Either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can count on his organization and his flexibility.

A special event, a gourmet meal or a picnic with family and friends, Baptiste is available and professional; you can call on him about his services for any kind of request.

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